The Making of the Greatest: Jeff Bezos


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Sangeeta Pandey is a senior journalist, writer and freelance editor. She is also a consultant(visiting faculty) at Amity University, where she teaches mass communication. She lives in Lucknowwith her family and dogs. She likes to travel, listen to music and read. Once in a while, she likesto get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and spend time at her farm, surrounded by nature.
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The story of Jeff Bezos, a man who redefined innovation, leadership and, of course, wealth. This book looks at some of the defining moments and key incidents from the life of Jeffrey Preston Bezos, the world’s first billionaire, and the journey he undertook to make Amazon the most valued company in the world. Amazon’s brilliant, visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, continues to be the driving force behind the Companies astounding and continued success. From being on the verge of bankruptcy during the 1990s, Amazon is now a household name. Even after achieving so much, Jeff ’S passion for innovation has only increased. His new pet project—blue original to make space travel affordable in order to colonize other planets. Clearly, Jeff has taken the meaning of ‘long-term vision’ to another level. A role model to entrepreneurs across the world, This is a man who can predict tomorrow better than anyone else.


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In Conversation with Sangeeta Pandey

As the hot June wind whispered through the by-lanes of the oldest city in the world—Kashi—locals sought solace in the cool nooks and corners of old buildings, sipping a kulhad of lassi or drinking water from the small pouches sold by street urchins everywhere.

Many foreign tourists, meanwhile, preferred to beat the heat either by sitting in the shade of trees, temples and old buildings near the iconic ghats of the Ganga or by simply sharing a chillum with the babas—Shiv bhakts—dotting the city.

For a curious few foreigners, walking in the shade of buildings, exploring the myriad stalls selling delicious street food—from baati chokha to kachori and jalebis—seemed like an experience of a lifetime.

When the boat started moving, Bezos looked back towards the burning pyres once again and then motioned to the captain to stop at another ghat where he got off. Even as his family stayed on board, Bezos made his way

Biographies & Autobiographies (Books),Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)

through the narrow by-lanes, stopping and inquiring about the local street food and how it was prepared. Language did not seem to be a barrier, as he communicated with the local vendors using gestures

As the scorching sun started its downward descent, the humidity became unbearable. People thronged the ghats for a boat ride on the mighty Ganga to beat the heat. The majestic ghats where the different stages of life can be observed in all their glory, as seen from a boat on the river, is a view that draws millions from all over the world. It was no different for the world’s first centi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of the largest online global retailer, Amazon. Clad in a cotton shirt, trousers and loafers, Bezos, along with his former wife and children, on their maiden trip to Kashi in June 2018, keenly observed the unique display along the Ganga. As their boat, decorated with flowers, stopped near the Manikarnika ghat,

Biographies & Autobiographies (Books),Personal Development & Self-Help (Books)

where cremations take place all day long, Bezos was fascinated by the final ritual in the life of a Hindu.

and signs, keenly observing their responses. ‘I love interacting with people and learning things from them,’ he had once said during an informal conversation with his brother at a talk show.

Cut to a few months back, when Bezos went aboard an open mini bus in Bengaluru. Clad in a white coat and trousers with a colourful bandhani

scarf wrapped around his neck, he happily held the placard of his company on a promotion spree. This man, who could hire anyone in the world to promote his brand, preferred to take it head on and do it himself. As the road show progressed, Jeff remained busy, discussing Amazon and its offers for customers, for it is ‘they who pay the money and not the rivals,’ as he had famously said during Amazon’s fledgling days when his rivals had started undercutting Amazon.


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